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  1. noaa-apt 1.3.0
    Image decoder for APT signals from NOAA satellites
  2. The normal Debian installation instructions are good, remember to use
    wheezy as DISTRIBUTION in sources.list:


    1) If you've installed aprsc by hand before, remember to remove it first.
    Make a backup copy of aprsc.conf, and "sudo dpkg --purge aprsc". If
    /opt/aprsc doesn't disappear completely, reboot and "sudo rm -rf

    2) Raspbian does not load IPv6 by default, and the default aprsc configs
    include dual-stack IPv4+IPv6 configuration (Listens on "::" - all IP
    addresses). You must load the IPv6 module to run aprsc with this default

    sudo bash
    modprobe ipv6
    echo ipv6 >> /etc/modules

    The last command will make the ipv6 module load automatically after a

    Yes, you need to do that even if you don't really have IPv6 on your
    2014-07-25 Tags: , , , by klotz

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