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  1. Modify the existing file. Add the stage name after the as keyword.

    FROM node:13.12.0-alpine as builder

    By changing this line above, we told Docker that this image is a stage. We will be able to reference it in other stages. We can copy specific files and folders from this image with the command COPY —from*=<stage_name>. Our Multi staging Dockerfile is starting to take shape. We need to add the Nginx stage, and we are done.

    ### Add to your existing Dockerfile

    # ------------------------------------------------------
    # Production Build
    # ------------------------------------------------------
    FROM nginx
    COPY nginx.conf /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf
    COPY --from=builder /app/build /usr/share/nginx/html
    view rawDockerfile hosted with ❤ by GitHub

    The COPY --from=builder tells Docker to precisely copy the files inside the /app/build/folder inside our Nginx container.
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