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  1. Podman AI Lab is an open source extension for Podman Desktop that allows users to work with LLMs on a local environment, featuring a recipe catalog with common AI use cases, a curated set of open source models, and a playground for learning, prototyping, and experimentation. It uses Podman machines to run inference servers for LLM models and supports various formats like GGUF, Pytorch, and Tensorflow.
    2024-05-17 Tags: , , , by klotz
  2. Red Hat’s Podman, a desktop tool for managing container pods, has been given extended duty as a platform for developers to build generative AI-based applications. Unlike many tools for building generative AI tools, this one was built specifically for developers, not data scientists.
    2024-05-17 Tags: , , , by klotz
  3. Podman AI Lab is the easiest way to work with Large Language Models (LLMs) on your local developer workstation. It provides a catalog of recipes, a curated list of open source models, experiment and compare the models, get ahead of the curve and take your development to new heights wth Podman AI Lab!
    2024-05-11 Tags: , , , by klotz

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