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  1. This is a hands-on guide with Python example code that walks through the deployment of an ML-based search API using a simple 3-step approach. The article provides a deployment strategy applicable to most machine learning solutions, and the example code is available on GitHub.
  2. This project implements a real-time face recognition system using OpenCV and the face_recognition library. The system detects faces from a video stream, recognizes previously seen faces, and displays metadata about each recognized face. It supports both Raspberry Pi cameras and USB webcams.
  3. A tutorial showing you how how to bring real-time data to LLMs through function calling, using OpenAI's latest LLM GTP-4o.
  4. This tutorial introduces promptrefiner, a tool created by Amirarsalan Rajabi that uses the GPT-4 model to create perfect system prompts for local LLMs.
  5. - GitHub repository for a tutorial series called "0 to LitGPT."
    - Provides an overview of how to get started with LitGPT, which is an open-source implementation of GPT-3.
    - Offers various resources such as codes, issues, pull requests, actions, security features, insights, and more related to the LitGPT project.
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  8. Great joy can be derived from simply moving numbers around on a stack.
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