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  1. A ready-to-run tutorial in Python and scikit-learn to evaluate a classification model compared to a baseline model
  2. LLMS popularized zero-shot learning, or "prompt engineering" which is drastically easier to use and more effective than labeling data. You can also retrofit "prompt engineering" onto good old fashion ML like text classifiers.
    2023-12-08 Tags: , , by klotz
  3. Zero-Shot Classification
    To perform zero shot classification, we want to predict labels for our samples without any training. To do this, we can simply embed short descriptions of each label, such as positive and negative, and then compare the cosine distance between embeddings of samples and label descriptions.

    As shown above, zero-shot classification with embeddings can lead to great results, especially when the labels are more descriptive than just simple words.

    The highest similarity label to the sample input is the predicted label. We can also define a prediction score to be the difference between the cosine distance to the positive and to the negative label. This score can be used for plotting a precision-recall curve, which can be used to select a different tradeoff between precision and recall, by selecting a different threshold.

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