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  1. This article explains the differences between observability, telemetry, and monitoring, and how they work together to help teams understand and improve their software systems. It also discusses the benefits of using OpenTelemetry, a standard for creating and collecting telemetry for software systems, and Honeycomb's observability platform.
  2. OpenTelemetry offers a standardized process for observability, but its functionality is a work in progress. Its usefulness depends on the observability tools and platforms used in conjunction with OpenTelemetry.
  3. Langfuse is an open-source LLM engineering platform that offers tracing, prompt management, evaluation, datasets, metrics, and playground for debugging and improving LLM applications. It is backed by several renowned companies and has won multiple awards. Langfuse is built with security in mind, with SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications and GDPR compliance.
  4. Why evaluating LLM apps matters and how to get started
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