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  1. An article on how to properly prompt the Mistral AI Instruct models, explaining the role of BOS, INST, and other special tokens.
  2. How simple prompt engineering can replace custom software
  3. This article by Kory Becker, a software developer, shares insights about prompt engineering, a crucial skill in working with large language models, gained from his AI certification.
  4. An article discussing the current state, recent approaches, and future directions of prompt engineering in data and machine learning. It includes several links to relevant articles and tutorials on the topic.
  5. Learn about how to prompt Command R: Understand the structured prompts used for RAG, formatting chat history and tool outputs, and changing sections of the prompt for different tasks.
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  6. A mixture of reflections, literature reviews and an experiment on Automated Prompt Engineering for Large Language Models
  7. This article introduces a practical agent-engineering framework for the development of AI agents, focusing on the key ideas and precepts within the large language model (LLM) context.
  8. An article discussing the concept of monosemanticity in LLMs (Language Learning Models) and how Anthropic is working on making them more controllable and safer through prompt and activation engineering.
  9. Anthropic has introduced a new feature in their Console that allows users to generate production-ready prompt templates using AI. This feature employs prompt engineering techniques such as chain-of-thought reasoning, role setting, and clear variable delineation to create effective and precise prompts. It helps both new and experienced prompt engineers save time and often produces better results than hand-written prompts. The generated prompts are also editable for optimal performance.
  10. This article discusses the art and science of prompt engineering for large language models (LLMs), providing an overview of basic and advanced techniques, recent research, and practical strategies for improving performance.

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