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  1. This JavaScript guide demonstrates the basics of E2B: connecting to an LLM, generating Python code, and executing it securely in an E2B sandbox.
  2. - Composio: Streamline agent development with tool integrations.
    - Julep: Build stateful AI agents with efficient context management.
    - E2B: Secure sandbox for AI execution with code interpreter capabilities.
    - Camel-ai: Framework for building and studying multi-agent systems.
    - CopilotKit: Integrate AI copilot features into React applications.
    - Aider: AI-powered pair-programmer for code assistance and repo management.
    - Haystack: Composable pipeline framework for RAG applications.
    - Pgvectorscale: High-performance vector database extension for PostgreSQL.
    - GPTCache: Semantic caching solution for reducing LLM costs.
    - Mem0 (EmbedChain): Add persistent memory to LLMs for personalized interactions.
    - FastEmbed: Fast and lightweight library for embedding generation.
    - Instructor: Streamline LLM output validation and extraction of structured data.
    - LiteLLM: Drop-in replacement for OpenAI models, supporting various providers
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  3. OpenRecall is an open-source software that aims to be a privacy-focused alternative to Microsoft's Recall feature. It captures the user's digital history, processes text and images using OCR, and allows users to find specific information by searching for relevant keywords. Currently, it stores data locally but does not encrypt it. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  4. Hallux.ai is a platform offering open-source, LLM-based CLI tools for Linux and MacOS. These tools aim to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and automate workflows for professionals in production engineering, SRE, and DevOps. They also improve Root Cause Analysis (RCA) capabilities and enable self-sufficiency.
  5. An article on how to properly prompt the Mistral AI Instruct models, explaining the role of BOS, INST, and other special tokens.
  6. Web application that summarizes online content, automatically categorizes and interlinks it for easy rediscovery. Save time and build your knowledge base with Recall.
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  7. Chat with GitHub Copilot in Emacs!
    2024-07-16 Tags: , , , by klotz
  8. An extension that automatically unloads and reloads your model, freeing up VRAM for other programs.
  9. An article about Rockchip's RKLLM toolkit, which provides NPU-accelerated large language models for RK3588, RK3588S, and RK3576 processors.
  10. Researchers from Huawei and University College London have developed a new approach called EM-LLM, which integrates aspects of human episodic memory and event cognition into large language models (LLMs). This allows LLMs to have infinite context lengths while maintaining their regular functioning.
    2024-07-16 Tags: , , by klotz

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