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  1. python -c "from transformers import pipeline; print(pipeline('sentiment-analysis')('I love you'))"
  2. Not Mixtral MoE but Merge-kit MoE

    EveryoneLLM series of models are a new Mixtral type model created using experts that were finetuned by the community, for the community. This is the first model to release in the series and it is a coding specific model. EveryoneLLM, which will be a more generalized model, will be released in the near future after more work is done to fine tune the process of merging Mistral models into a larger Mixtral models with greater success.

    The goal of the EveryoneLLM series of models is to be a replacement or an alternative to Mixtral-8x7b that is more suitable for general and specific use, as well as easier to fine tune. Since Mistralai is being secretive about the "secret sause" that makes Mixtral-Instruct such an effective fine tune of the Mixtral-base model, I've decided its time for the community to directly compete with Mistralai on our own.
  3. - create a custom base image for a Cloud Workstation environment using a Dockerfile
    . Uses:

    Quantized models from
  4. A deep dive into model quantization with GGUF and llama.cpp and model evaluation with LlamaIndex
  5. Introduction of HuggingFace’s New Fine-tuned Model Zephyr-7B-α
    2023-10-28 Tags: , , , by klotz

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