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  1. - Introduces embeviz - a simple side project for exploring text embeddings
    - Uses backend API with GoFiber framework and frontend UI with React and React Router
    - Provides interactive charts for visualizing computed projections
    - Can label texts and select options for both projections and chunking
    - Offers swagger docs for the API, in-memory data store, and persistent data store with QDrant
  2. - Challenges in measuring similarity between unstructured text data like movie descriptions.
    - Simple NLP methods may not yield meaningful results; thus, a controlled vocabulary is proposed.
    - Using an LLM, a genre list is generated for movie titles, which helps improve the similarity model.
    A function is created to find the most similar movies to a given title based on cosine similarity scores.
    Network visualization highlights clusters of genres linked via movies, showcasing potential improvements in recommender systems.
    2024-02-10 Tags: , , , , , by klotz
  3. A simple and beautiful listing of the World’s Writing Systems. You can sort by time (proto-cuneiform to Toto), region, name (Adlam to Zou), and whether the scripts are living or historical

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