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  1. - There is a HDMI LCD Display, with native resolution 1366x768. But it can be driven at many resolutions, starting at 640x480 (VGA), up to 1920x1080 (FDH). The plug is mini-HDMI.
    - There is a Bluetooth Keyboard and Touchpad. I have a Maxxter ACT-KB-BT-001 (from Action), which has the same key layout, albeit different functions. Or the Inatek BT1003. It has BT address 20:16:45:XX:XX:XX . Detected as 'hid-generic 0005:04E8:7021.0003'. The touchpad is apparently chained to the keyboard; I havent seen any info about it. But, it you connect the keyboard, you will also get touchpad events.
    2021-03-27 Tags: , , , , by klotz
  2. frittna 2 months ago @op8
    @op8 sorry for the late reply, thank you very much, i still love it to watch the price on it. The M5 core is the regular black framed M5-core and the bottom is the M5GO/FIRE Battery Bottom Charging Base SKU:A014 from this M5-Stack-Shop (do not forget to buy the chargning base plate as i did, these are 2 seperate items to buy) It has the rgb-led strip built-in but it is only barely used in my code.. My Intention was to show major price movements with red/green flashing lights (and sounds) for example. Unfortunately i did not implement more functions since then.
    A little problem i have experienced is the wake-up behavour on usb-cable because with the battery base it behaves different as it is with standart battery back. But this can be solved in the code if you change the settings at //Power Settings
    2020-12-20 Tags: , , , , , , , by klotz

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