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Single-board computing system based on Atmel CPU, a GCC and Java-based open source toolchain, and a bus standard called "shields."

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  1. A minimalist Go system for embedded devices, such as Raspberry Pi. gokrazy uses its own minimal Go userland instead of a traditional Linux distribution base, providing advantages in terms of security, maintainability, and reliability.
  2. Open-source project showcasing a speech-to-text application on a low-cost CH32V003 microcontroller. The application reads audio from an analog microphone, identifies spoken digits 'zero' to 'nine', and logs the results over a serial link.
  3. Watchy is an open source E-Ink Smartwatch with a MIT license. Development resources and documentation can be found on the official website watchy.sqfmi.com. There are also several retailers selling the watch hardware. See the documentation for instructions on how to get started with developing for Watchy.
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  5. The Grove - TF Mini LiDAR is a Time of Flight (ToF) LiDAR sensor based on the ToF principle. It is designed for precise, high sensitivity, and high-speed distance detection. This article provides detailed information about the product, specifications, platforms it supports, and getting started guides for Arduino and Wio Terminal.
  6. The latest MicroPython release empowers Arduino users with new possibilities. MicroPython 1.23.0 adds OpenAMP, allowing Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi, Portenta H7, and Nicla Vision to run different code bases on each core.
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  7. MicroPython, a Python interpreter for microcontrollers, has released version 1.23 with several improvements. Notably, it now supports creating custom USB devices on multiple levels and has received improvements for OpenAMP, an inter-core communication protocol.
  8. In this guide, you'll learn how to use the LVGL (Light and Versatile Graphics Library) with the ESP32 Cheap Yellow Display board (ESP32-2432S028R). This development board features a 2.8-inch TFT touchscreen LCD, microSD card interface, RGB LED, and more.
  9. The Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C6 is a cost-effective MCU based on Espressif’s ESP32-C6. This compact MCU excels in Matter-compliant smart home applications with its support for various wireless connectivity (2.4GHz Wi-Fi 6, BLE 5.0, Zigbee, and Thread).
  10. Breadboard OS is a command-line operating system for the Raspberry Pi Pico, built on top of FreeRTOS. It aims to enable quick prototyping and supports querying, starting, or killing services, checking flash usage and memory usage, and controlling GPIO pins and other peripherals.

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