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Input Transducers

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  1. The Grove - TF Mini LiDAR is a Time of Flight (ToF) LiDAR sensor based on the ToF principle. It is designed for precise, high sensitivity, and high-speed distance detection. This article provides detailed information about the product, specifications, platforms it supports, and getting started guides for Arduino and Wio Terminal.
  2. A hands-on tutorial in Python for sensor engineers on Bayesian sensor calibration, which combines statistical models and data to optimally calibrate sensors. This technique is crucial in engineering to minimize sensor measurement uncertainty. The tutorial provides Python code to perform such calibration numerically using existing libraries.
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  4. Tokay Lite – A battery-powered no-code AI camera based on ESP32-S3 WiSoC (Crowdfunding)
    Maxlab’s Tokay Lite is an OHSWA-certified AI camera based on ESP32-S3 WiFI and Bluetooth SoC that can be used for computer vision (e.g. facial recognition & detection) and robotics applications without the need to know programming languages since a web interface is used for configuration.
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