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  1. Hydrolix is a streaming data lake platform designed to handle large amounts of immutable log data at a lower cost than traditional solutions. The platform is particularly well-suited for observability data and offers real-time query performance on terabyte-scale data. Hydrolix uses an ANSI-compliant SQL interface, is schema-based and fully indexed, and is designed for high-cardinality data. It is purpose-built for log data and focuses on data that comes in once and never changes. Hydrolix is currently used by companies in industries like media, gaming, ad tech, and telecom security that require long-term retention of data. The company recently announced a $35 million Series B round, and its technology serves as the basis for Akamai's observability product TrafficPeak. The platform is designed to save costs for companies dealing with billions of transactions a day and terabytes of data, as it can store data for longer periods than traditional solutions like Splunk or Datadog, thereby reducing costs or increasing retention.

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