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  1. Matt Evans developed the project over an undisclosed amount of time. He was inspired by a conversation about building a desktop GUI for the Raspberry Pi Pico’s RP2040 MCU. Evans’s goal was to bring the Macintosh 128K to life to run the originally bundled software and the all-important Missile Command.
  2. A bash script called MarCLIdown allows you to preview markdown files in the terminal.
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  3. CEDS is a retrocomputing micro-factory, producing and shipping PiDP-10 replica kits. They also offer assembled PiDP-11 units, with the option of selecting assembled or unassembled kits in the order form. For placing an order, fill in the required information and submit the order form.
  4. This GitHub repository contains the Hackers-Nightlight project, which showcases the attack possibilities and vulnerabilities of smart light bulbs. Specifically, it discusses the ESP32-C3 microcontroller's capabilities in certain smart light models, such as the Vont Smartlight Pro, for WiFi network penetration and exploitation. The README provides a detailed guide on how to flash custom firmware onto the ESP32-C3 to create a backdoor for remote connectivity and packet sniffing.
  5. An optional component to enable AI features in iTerm2, providing network request functionality, ensuring secure data transmission.
  6. Open-source project showcasing a speech-to-text application on a low-cost CH32V003 microcontroller. The application reads audio from an analog microphone, identifies spoken digits 'zero' to 'nine', and logs the results over a serial link.
  7. Super Long Term Time-Lapse Camera and Monitoring by OpenAI. Autofocus camera designed for long-duration time-lapse photography with energy-efficient DeepSleep mode, Wi-Fi connectivity, and AI integrations.
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  8. Watchy is an open source E-Ink Smartwatch with a MIT license. Development resources and documentation can be found on the official website watchy.sqfmi.com. There are also several retailers selling the watch hardware. See the documentation for instructions on how to get started with developing for Watchy.
  9. This article showcases a bench project featuring a Seeed Studio XIAO-ESP32-C3 microcontroller board and a 1.28-inch circular TFT display. The XIAO-ESP32-C3, known for its small size and energy efficiency, is packed with the TFT display on a prototyping board. The uncommitted pins are wired to pin sockets, creating a small bench setup.
  10. The article discusses the upcoming end of support for Spotify's Car Thing, a device that has been the subject of various hacks and research. The article highlights some of these hacks, such as gaining U-Boot and UART access to the device's Linux system. It also mentions YouTube videos that provide step-by-step guides for accessing the hardware.

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