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  1. CEDS is a retrocomputing micro-factory, producing and shipping PiDP-10 replica kits. They also offer assembled PiDP-11 units, with the option of selecting assembled or unassembled kits in the order form. For placing an order, fill in the required information and submit the order form.
  2. A minimalist Go system for embedded devices, such as Raspberry Pi. gokrazy uses its own minimal Go userland instead of a traditional Linux distribution base, providing advantages in terms of security, maintainability, and reliability.
  3. A large team of tech nostalgia enthusiasts have made a PiDP-10, a replica of the PDP-10 mainframe computer first launched by the Digital Equipment Corporation in 1966.
  4. Hailo and Raspberry Pi announce a partnership to provide AI accelerators for Raspberry Pi's AI Kit, enabling advanced AI capabilities for professional and enthusiast creators in various industries such as home automation, security, robotics, and more.
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  5. The author explains their decision to build a home lab using Raspberry Pis, Kubernetes, and 3D printing, providing reasons such as gaining exposure, experimenting with complex architectures, becoming a T-shaped engineer, and the cost-effectiveness of DIY projects.
  6. A collection of Raspberry Pi-sourced system configuration files and associated scripts.
  7. picoLLM is a cross-platform, on-device inference engine optimized for running compressed large language models (LLMs) on various devices. It is compatible with Linux, macOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi OS, Android, iOS, and web browsers.
  8. This project implements a real-time face recognition system using OpenCV and the face_recognition library. The system detects faces from a video stream, recognizes previously seen faces, and displays metadata about each recognized face. It supports both Raspberry Pi cameras and USB webcams.
  9. Learn how to create a low-cost, AI-powered personal assistant using Raspberry Pi and open-source software. The assistant can answer questions, play music, and control smart home devices.
  10. This article discusses how to test small language models using 3.8B Phi-3 and 8B Llama-3 models on a PC and Raspberry Pi with LlamaCpp and ONNX. Written by Dmitrii Eliuseev.
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