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  1. Works with GxEPD library using GxGDEW0213Z16 display type.
    Not GxEPD2 :-(
  2. By now you know this repository is crap. This is what worked for me on a 1.54 e-ink display. It should work on other sizes as well.

    NOTE: This display requires 3.3 data lines. It works on 5v data lines, but just barely. The display is not crisp. I've read it's possible to use a 10k/4k7 resistor divider for 5v data lines, but it didn't work for me.

    Download this library https://github.com/ZinggJM/GxEPD

    From Arduino IDE, open the example

    Select this display
    #include <GxGDEH0154D67/GxGDEH0154D67.h> // 1.54" b/w

    Use these pins
    GxIO_Class io(SPI, /CS=/ 10, /DC=/ 9, /RST=/ 8);
    GxEPD_Class display(io, /RST=/ 8, /BUSY=/ 7);

    Connect as follows (display / arduino):
    VCC / VCC
    GND / GND
    D/C / D9
    SDI / D11
    CS / D10
    CLK / D13
    BUSY / D7

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