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  1. A step-by-step guide to run Llama3 locally with Python. Discusses the benefits of running local LLMs, including data privacy, cost-effectiveness, customization, offline functionality, and unrestricted use.
    2024-07-12 Tags: , , , by klotz
  2. This article explains how to install Ollama, an open-source project for running large language models (LLMs) on a local machine, on Ubuntu Linux. It also covers the system requirements, installation process, and usage of various available LLMs.
    2024-06-23 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , by klotz
  3. pgai brings AI workflows to your PostgreSQL database. It simplifies the process of building search and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) AI applications with PostgreSQL by bringing embedding and generation AI models closer to the database.
  4. This article guides you through the process of building a local RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) system using Llama 3, Ollama for model management, and LlamaIndex as the RAG framework. The tutorial demonstrates how to get a basic local RAG system up and running with just a few lines of code.
    2024-06-21 Tags: , , , , , by klotz
  5. Retrochat is chat application that supports Llama.cpp, Kobold.cpp, and Ollama. It highlights new features, commands for configuration, chat management, and models, and provides a download link for the release.
    2024-06-14 Tags: , , , , , , , by klotz
  6. Learn how to repurpose an old PC to generate AI text and images, with a focus on using Ollama with Stable Diffusion. The guide covers installation, configuration, and setting up a web UI for a more organized user interface.
    2024-06-10 Tags: , , , , by klotz
  7. This is a GitHub repository for a Discord bot named discord-llm-chatbot. This bot allows you to chat with Large Language Models (LLMs) directly in your Discord server. It supports various LLMs, including those from OpenAI API, Mistral API, Anthropic API, and local models like ollama, oobabooga, Jan, LM Studio, etc. The bot offers a reply-based chat system, customizable system prompt, and seamless threading of conversations. It also supports image and text file attachments, and streamed responses.
  8. It all started as a joke. I was in a group chat with a few of my friends and we were talking about football (soccer for the American readers). I entered the chat during a mildly heated discussion about the manager of a team one of my friends supports. It was going on for a bit while with seemingly no end in sight...
  9. Get models like Phi-2, Mistral, and LLaVA running locally on a Raspberry Pi with Ollama
    2024-01-14 Tags: , , , , , by klotz
  10. 2023-11-20 Tags: , , by klotz

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