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  1. The author tests the new GPT-4o AI from OpenAI on a standard set of coding tests and finds that it delivers good results, but with one surprising issue.
    2024-05-28 Tags: , , , , , , by klotz
  2. In an interview with TechCrunch, Signal CEO Meredith Whittaker criticizes the media's obsession with AI-driven deepfakes, the encroaching surveillance state, and the concentration of power in the five main social media platforms. She also discusses the company's recent war of words with Elon Musk, Telegram's Pavel Durov, and OpenAI's leadership.
  3. The Towards Data Science team highlights recent articles on the rise of open-source LLMs, ethical considerations with chatbots, potential manipulation of LLM recommendations, and techniques for temperature scaling and re-ranking in generative AI.
  4. A personal productivity assistant that utilizes Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG). Allows users to chat with their documents and apps using various AI models. A local and private alternative to OpenAI GPTs and ChatGPT.
  5. Key concept: Setting mental models can help users understand how to interact with products that adapt over time. This chapter covers:
    Identifying existing mental models
    Onboarding in stages
    Planning for co-learning
    Accounting for user expectations of human-like interaction
    Key concept: To build effective mental models of AI-powered products, consider what you want people to know about your product before their first use, how to explain its features, and when it will need feedback from them to improve.
  6. There's no intelligence in current AI systems, but apparently we think there is, and then get surprised when it gives wrong answers. Why is this, and what will happen when we get real intelligent systems?

    This talk gives an introduction to AI as we currently know it, examines how we interact with it, and envisions the consequences of real AI emerging.
  7. an experiment with Google Bard AI, utilizing a Knowledge Graph for semantic compression to improve language model integration and narrative continuity in fiction.

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