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Things that are called Artificial Intelligence.

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  1. The PiDP-10 is a modern reproduction of the PDP-10, powered by a Raspberry Pi and featuring a front panel with tons of LEDs and switches. It's designed for those who want to experience the computing power of the 1960s, but with a modern twist.
  2. This paper explores the history of ELIZA, the world's first chatbot, and how it was actually intended as a platform for research into human-machine interaction and interpretation, not as a chatbot.
  3. Transferscope is a prototype device that blends human creativity with AI, allowing users to capture objects or concepts and seamlessly blend them onto any scene, creating new realities. The handheld device runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2, uses an edge detection algorithm for image processing, and a server for interpretation and output generation. Transferscope aims to encourage rethinking of everyday environments and objects and showcases the shift from genuine photography to synthetic image creation.
  4. The article discusses the limitations of Large Language Models (LLMs) in planning and self-verification tasks, and proposes an LLM-Modulo framework to leverage their strengths in a more effective manner. The framework combines LLMs with external model-based verifiers to generate, evaluate, and improve plans, ensuring their correctness and efficiency.

    "Simply put, we take the stance that LLMs are amazing giant external non-veridical memories that can serve as powerful cognitive orthotics for human or machine agents, if rightly used."
  5. A new model developed by researchers at MIT and the University of Washington predicts human goals or actions more accurately than previous models. The latent inference budget model identifies patterns in human or machine decision-making and uses this information to forecast behavior.
  6. pgai brings AI workflows to your PostgreSQL database. It simplifies the process of building search and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) AI applications with PostgreSQL by bringing embedding and generation AI models closer to the database.
  7. MIT CSAIL Professor Hal Abelson emphasizes the importance of free software for securing our agency in our digital worlds. His project, App Inventor, enables anyone to create apps without coding. He also discusses free software freedoms, the book 'Blown to Bits', and the importance of privacy and data provenance in today's digital age.
  8. CEDS is a retrocomputing micro-factory, producing and shipping PiDP-10 replica kits. They also offer assembled PiDP-11 units, with the option of selecting assembled or unassembled kits in the order form. For placing an order, fill in the required information and submit the order form.
  9. Zvi discusses AI, alignment, geopolitics, and more on Dwarksh Patel's podcast with Leopold Aschenbrenner. Topics include the timeline for AI development, the intelligence explosion, the geopolitics of AGI, and more.
  10. IBM showcased their big bet on open-source AI at their Think conference. They open-sourced a family of IBM Granite models, released AI assistants, expanded their AI ecosystem, and are making a push to monetize and deploy AI for businesses.
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