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  1. Simon Willison recently delivered a talk during the Mastering LLMs: A Conference For Developers & Data Scientists, which was a six-week long online event. The talk centered around Simon's LLM Python command-line utility and its plugins, emphasizing how they can be utilized to explore Large Language Models (LLMs) and perform various tasks. Last week, he discussed accessing LLMs from the command-line, sharing valuable insights and techniques with the audience.
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  2. Simon Willison shares a scraping technique called Git scraping, where data is scraped and tracked over time by committing the changes to a Git repository. He demonstrates the technique using an example of California fires data from CAL FIRE website.
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  3. Simon Willison explains an accidental prompt injection attack on RAG applications, caused by concatenating user questions with documentation fragments in a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) system.
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  7. The "LLM" toolkit provides a command-line utility and Python library for interacting with large language models. It enables users to run prompts from the terminal, store responses in SQLite databases, generate embeddings, and more. This comprehensive guide includes topics such as setup, usage, OpenAI models, other models, embeddings, plugins, model aliases, Python API, prompt templates, logging, related tools, CLI reference, contributing, and changelog.
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