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  1. This guide provides an introduction to kubectl, the command-line tool used to communicate with the Kubernetes API. It covers command syntax, useful commands, flags, and tips and tricks. It also discusses the ecosystem of plugins and tools built to expand the functionalities of kubectl and Kubernetes.
  2. Anthropic has introduced a new feature in their Console that allows users to generate production-ready prompt templates using AI. This feature employs prompt engineering techniques such as chain-of-thought reasoning, role setting, and clear variable delineation to create effective and precise prompts. It helps both new and experienced prompt engineers save time and often produces better results than hand-written prompts. The generated prompts are also editable for optimal performance.
  3. Elia is a new open-source application designed for users who need an efficient, terminal-based way to interact with large language models (LLMs). The application allows users to chat with various models directly from their terminal and supports popular models like ChatGPT and Llama 3. Elia is highly keyboard-centric, stores conversations in a local SQLite database, and offers a simple setup via pipx.
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  4. Hallux.ai provides open-source solutions leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) to streamline operations and enhance productivity for Production Engineers, SRE, and DevOps. Offering cutting-edge CLI tools for Linux and MacOS, they automate workflows, accelerate root cause analysis, empower self-sufficiency, and optimize daily tasks.
  5. The article argues that instead of developing numerous tools for LLM, giving it direct access to a terminal is more efficient and future-proof. It references Rich Sutton's "The Bitter Lesson" and discusses how the terminal's existing command-line tools can be utilized by LLM for various tasks, highlighting the importance of general methods over specialized tools.
  6. Breadboard OS is a command-line operating system for the Raspberry Pi Pico, built on top of FreeRTOS. It aims to enable quick prototyping and supports querying, starting, or killing services, checking flash usage and memory usage, and controlling GPIO pins and other peripherals.
  7. Neofetch, a popular command-line tool for displaying Linux system information, has been officially discontinued.
    The source code has been archived on GitHub by programmer Dylan Araps.
    There are several alternatives available, including Fastfetch and HyFetch, which are actively being developed.
  8. The "LLM" toolkit offers a versatile command-line utility and Python library that allows users to work efficiently with large language models. Users can execute prompts directly from their terminals, store the outcomes in SQLite databases, generate embeddings, and perform various other tasks. In this extensive tutorial, topics covered include setup, usage, OpenAI models, alternative models, embeddings, plugins, model aliases, Python APIs, prompt templates, logging, related tools, CLI references, contributing, and change logs.
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