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  1. A bash script called MarCLIdown allows you to preview markdown files in the terminal.
    2024-06-21 Tags: , , , , by klotz
  2. An optional component to enable AI features in iTerm2, providing network request functionality, ensuring secure data transmission.
  3. Termux is an Android terminal application and Linux environment. The app's repository; includes links to various installation packages.
    2024-06-11 Tags: , , , , , , , by klotz
  4. aider is a command line tool that lets you pair program with LLMs, to edit code stored in your local git repository. Aider will directly edit the code in your local source files, and git commit the changes with sensible commit messages.
    2024-06-04 Tags: , , by klotz
  5. The article argues that instead of developing numerous tools for LLM, giving it direct access to a terminal is more efficient and future-proof. It references Rich Sutton's "The Bitter Lesson" and discusses how the terminal's existing command-line tools can be utilized by LLM for various tasks, highlighting the importance of general methods over specialized tools.
  6. The user is annoyed with the speed of Neofetch and finds an alternative called Fastfetch written in C.
    • Fastfetch has similar features to Neofetch and is maintained.
    • The user prefers Fastfetch due to its speed and user-friendly interface.
  7. eDEX-UI is a cross-platform, customizable science fiction terminal emulator with advanced monitoring and touchscreen support.

    • The project was originally meant to be "DEX-UI with less 'art' and more 'distributable software'" and strives to maintain a futuristic look and feel while being usable in real-life scenarios.

    • The project has been archived by the owner on Oct 22, 2021.
    2024-05-07 Tags: , , , , by klotz
  8. 2024-04-26 Tags: , , , , , by klotz
  9. - This GitHub Gist provides instructions and scripts to enable true color (24-bit color) in Emacs for iTerm2.
    - A bash function is defined to run subsequent Emacs calls with 24-bit color.
    - An additional script is included to add a terminfo entry for a new terminal "xterm-24bit".
    - The scripts ensure that 24-bit color is used only when it will work, both inside and outside of tmux.
    2024-02-02 Tags: , , , , , by klotz

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