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  1. Reworkd is a platform that simplifies web data extraction, using LLM code generation to help businesses scale their web data pipelines. No coding skills required.
  2. Mariya Mansurova explores using CrewAI's multi-agent framework to create a solution for writing documentation based on tables and answering related questions.
    2024-06-25 Tags: , , , , , , by klotz
  3. Simon Willison shares a scraping technique called Git scraping, where data is scraped and tracked over time by committing the changes to a Git repository. He demonstrates the technique using an example of California fires data from CAL FIRE website.
    2024-06-14 Tags: , , , , by klotz
  4. AI Helps Make Web Scraping Faster And Easier: Scrapegraph-ai is a new tool that uses large language models (LLMs) to automate the process of web scraping and data processing.
    2024-05-10 Tags: , , by klotz
  5. Scrapegraph-ai is a Python library for web scraping using AI. It provides a SmartScraper class that allows users to extract information from websites using a prompt. The library uses LLM models like Ollama, OpenAI, Azure, Gemini, and others for information extraction.
    2024-05-03 Tags: , , , , by klotz
  6. AutoCrawler is a two-stage framework that leverages the hierarchical structure of HTML for progressive understanding and aims to assist crawlers in handling diverse and changing web environments more efficiently. This work introduces a crawler generation task for vertical information web pages and proposes the paradigm of combining LLMs with crawlers, which supports the adaptability of traditional methods and enhances the performance of generative agents in open-world scenarios. Generative agents, empowered by large language models, suffer from poor performance and reusability in open-world scenarios.
    2024-04-28 Tags: , , , , by klotz
  7. train models for processing documents based on specific needs and requirements. It offers capabilities such as entity recognition, key information extraction, and data validation,
    2024-01-12 Tags: , , , , by klotz
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