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  1. Reworkd is a platform that simplifies web data extraction, using LLM code generation to help businesses scale their web data pipelines. No coding skills required.
  2. The future of iOS apps might be services that just tie into Apple Intelligence, with little to no interface of their own.
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  3. Abner Li discusses Pixie, a new AI assistant exclusive to Google's Pixel devices. The article highlights the capabilities of Pixie, which uses data from Google products to evolve and provide a more personalized experience compared to Siri. It also compares Pixie to Google Assistant's previous iteration and Apple's Siri.
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  5. Swirl is open-source software that uses AI to simultaneously search multiple content and data sources, finds the best results using a reader LLM, then prompts Generative AI, enabling you to get answers from your own data.
  6. - Shows how an individual can use Python for speech recognition (SR), Push-to-- Talk (PTT) systems, and large action models to create their own AI assistant.
    - Describes the process of creating a "la Rabbit prototype" with Python code on Raspberry Pi hardware.
    - Emphasizes how these components can be combined for various tasks using different APIs like OpenAI or LLaMA (Large Language Model from Meta).
  7. One could then imagine a “general” intelligence as simply an algorithm that is extremely good at matching the task you ask it to perform to the specialized service algorithm that can perform that task. Rather than acting like a single brain that strives to achieve a particular goal, the central AI would be more like a search engine, looking through the tasks it can perform to find the closest match and calling upon a series of subroutines to achieve the goal.
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