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  1. In this paper, the authors discuss the challenges faced in developing the knowledge stack for the Companion cognitive architecture and share the tools, representations, and practices they have developed to overcome these challenges. They also outline potential next steps to allow Companion agents to manage their own knowledge more effectively.
  2. This guide explains how to build and use knowledge graphs with R2R. It covers setup, basic example, construction, navigation, querying, visualization, and advanced examples.
  3. Learn about the LLM Knowledge Graph Builder, an online tool that uses machine learning models to transform unstructured data into a knowledge graph. This tool is integrated with a Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) chatbot and is part of Neo4j's GraphRAG Ecosystem Tools.
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  4. This article discusses GNN-RAG, a new AI method that combines the language understanding abilities of LLMs with the reasoning abilities of GNNs for Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) style. This approach improves KGQA performance by utilizing GNNs for retrieval and RAG for reasoning.
  5. How can an LLM be applied effectively for biomedical entity linking? Entity linking involves recognizing and extracting entities within the text and mapping them to standardized concepts in a large terminology. I
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  6. Leverage LLM-enhanced natural language processing and traditional machine learning techniques are used to extract structure and to build a knowledge graph from unstructured corpus.
  7. an experiment with Google Bard AI, utilizing a Knowledge Graph for semantic compression to improve language model integration and narrative continuity in fiction.
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