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  1. Chat with GitHub Copilot in Emacs!
    2024-07-16 Tags: , , , by klotz
  2. Scrapscript is a full programming language designed to be sent over the wire with type-safety in mind.

    Scrapscript is a programming language that aims to solve the software sharability problem by offering a content-addressible and distributed system for managing and sharing code. It is built on the principles of using scraps (hashed chunks of code), worldwide collaborative namespace, no broken dependencies, expression-level versioning, time-travel interpreter, platform paradigm, self-documenting typed configs, and magic compression.
  3. 1. Pkl: A declarative programming language created by Apple, Pkl is built to address the limitations of static languages like YAML, JSON, and Property Lists.

    2. Lax: This is a flexible and under-development programming language that aims to demonstrate that a highly loose and extensible syntax is possible without sacrificing performance or control. It runs on a virtual machine and is licensed under GPL-3.0.

    3. Amber: Designed to make Bash scripting easier, Amber allows users to write Bash scripts in a high-level programming language. It uses the GPL-3.0 license, is based on ECMAScript syntax, and is a type-safe, runtime-safe language.

    4. Scrapscript: Scrapscript is a programming language that aims to solve the software shareability problem by using content-addressable scraps and scrapyards, which replace traditional package management systems. It uses the MIT license and is highly modular and extensible.

    5. Knowledge Graph Language: This programming language enables interaction with knowledge graphs in a straightforward manner, allowing tasks like finding connecting nodes, finding out how two separate nodes connect, and finding attributes related to a node in a graph. Pkl: A declarative programming language created by Apple, Pkl is built to address the limitations of static languages like YAML, JSON, and Property Lists. Pkl uses the Apache-2.0 license and provides great IDE integration and command line tool capabilities.
  4. Arduino Alvik: A Cross-Discipline Tool for Robotics and Programming

    * Easy programming: The Alvik is powered by the versatile Nano ESP32, which streamlines the learning curve in robotics with its comprehensive programming suite that includes MicroPython and Arduino language.

    * Robotic potential: The Alvik comes with multiple integrated sensors, including a Time of Flight, RGB color and line-following array, 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, and touchable buttons. This allows users to tackle a range of innovative, real-world projects.

    * Design flexibility: The Alvik features LEGO Technic connectors, allowing users to personalize the robot and expand its capabilities. It also has M3 screw connectors for custom 3D or laser-cutter designs.

    * Connectivity: The Alvik has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE connectivity, making it easy to connect to other devices.
  5. A new programming language called Amber, which compiles to Bash, aims to make bash scripting easier for new-age cloud engineers and beginners. Amber is designed based on the ECMA script syntax and can be compiled into a Bash script for easier and type-safe scripting.
    2024-07-13 Tags: , , , , by klotz
  6. AI agent helping write and fix code, running tests and iterating till code passes tests or matches designs. Uses OpenAI API and aims to make coding easier.

    Micro Agent is an AI agent that assists with coding, helping with code generation and iteration processes. It's a focused agent that aims to write code based on provided test cases or design screenshots. It can work in tandem with OpenAI and Anthropic APIs for better visual matching. The agent is designed with a specific focus - creating a clear test case and providing feedback on code that helps improve the generated code. Installation requires Node.js v14 or later, and it can be installed globally using npm. To get started, running the agent in interactive mode is recommended. Micro Agent can work in both unit test matching mode and visual matching mode for coding assistance. It uses a multi-agent approach and connects with Figma for high fidelity design-to-code conversions. Configuration options are available via CLI or UI.
  7. Micro Agent, an agent that aids programmers, helping them write and fix code.
    2024-06-11 Tags: , , , , , by klotz
  8. MIT CSAIL researchers have developed three neurosymbolic frameworks - LILO, Ada, and LGA - that use natural language to help large language models (LLMs) build better abstractions for coding, AI planning, and robotics tasks.
  9. Introduction to parameter substitution in Bash scripting

    Different types of parameter substitution:
    - ${parameter}
    - ${parameter-:-word}
    - ${parameter-:=word}
    - ${parameter-:?word}
    - ${parameter-:+word}

    - Examples of using parameter substitution, positional parameters and special parameters in Bash
    2024-04-01 Tags: , , , , by klotz
  10. 2024-02-19 Tags: , , by klotz

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