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  1. Abner Li discusses Pixie, a new AI assistant exclusive to Google's Pixel devices. The article highlights the capabilities of Pixie, which uses data from Google products to evolve and provide a more personalized experience compared to Siri. It also compares Pixie to Google Assistant's previous iteration and Apple's Siri.
  2. An article by Phillip Morrison exploring the concept of machine thinking in the age of computers. The author discusses the recurring question of why life is different from non-life, with each new generation of machines that simulate aspects of life.
  3. Explore the innovative world of AI gardens and how artificial intelligence is transforming the way we cultivate plants. Discover the benefits, role of AI in gardening, case studies, and the future of AI technology in gardening.
  4. The increasing use of autonomous and AI-enabled systems relies on optical and radio frequency sensors. These systems face growing vulnerabilities from directed-energy laser and microwave weapons, which can disrupt or damage their sensors and electronics.
  5. The paper proposes a two-phase framework called TnT-LLM to automate the process of end-to-end label generation and assignment for text mining using large language models, where LLMs produce and refine a label taxonomy iteratively using a zero-shot, multi-stage reasoning approach, and are used as data labelers to yield training samples for lightweight supervised classifiers. The framework is applied to the analysis of user intent and conversational domain for Bing Copilot, achieving accurate and relevant label taxonomies and a favorable balance between accuracy and efficiency for classification at scale.

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