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  1. Rundeck is an open source automation service that allows users to easily run automation tasks across a set of nodes. This repository contains the source code for Rundeck, with features such as a web console, command line tools, and a WebAPI. It is built with Gradle and requires Java 1.8 and NodeJs 16. Documentation, development guides, and issue tracker are available.
  2. OliveTin is a web-based interface that provides safe and simple access to predefined shell commands. It offers a responsive, touch-friendly UI, dark mode, accessibility, container integration, and more. It allows you to run complex commands, give access to commands to less technical people, and simplify command execution on various devices.
  3. Exploring the unified XDR and SIEM capabilities of Wazuh, a free, open-source security platform that provides robust endpoint and cloud workload protection, threat intelligence, and response, and more. Discusses the platform's features, integration, and scalability.
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  5. Developer Certificate of Origin
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