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  1. Transferscope is a prototype device that blends human creativity with AI, allowing users to capture objects or concepts and seamlessly blend them onto any scene, creating new realities. The handheld device runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2, uses an edge detection algorithm for image processing, and a server for interpretation and output generation. Transferscope aims to encourage rethinking of everyday environments and objects and showcases the shift from genuine photography to synthetic image creation.
  2. Modern forms of coding make most websites feel like commercial transactions. The HTML Energy movement aims to bring back the joys of the early days.
  3. Kresmo is an Arduino sketch that uses an OpenAI-compatible API to generate a random and brief pithy saying. The sketch uses the U8g2 library for displaying text on an OLED screen, and the WiFi library for connecting to the internet. The ESP32-C3-0.42 module combines all this hardware into one tiny board.
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