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  1. The article introduces the concept of Federated Language Models, combining edge-based Small Language Models (SLMs) with cloud-based Large Language Models (LLMs) for enhanced privacy and performance in AI applications.
  2. ExpressVPN retains CNET's Editors' Choice for best overall VPN thanks to its increased transparency efforts and solid commitment to privacy. It's a premium service, but it offers excellent speed, security and a user-friendly interface.
  3. MIT CSAIL Professor Hal Abelson emphasizes the importance of free software for securing our agency in our digital worlds. His project, App Inventor, enables anyone to create apps without coding. He also discusses free software freedoms, the book 'Blown to Bits', and the importance of privacy and data provenance in today's digital age.
  4. Google Photos is about to undergo a radical change with the integration of Gemini AI models. A new 'Ask Photos' feature will turn the platform into a visual database, enabling users to search for photos and videos using everyday language.
  5. This article discusses the MIT Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab's 'Tourist Policy' and how it impacted students' access to its resources. As a high school student in Maryland, the author shares their experience of using the lab's PDP-10s over the ARPANET and how it inspired them to learn and contribute to the MIT community.
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