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  1. Explores the dynamic relationship between language, cognition, and the role of Large Language Models (LLMs) in expanding our understanding of the functional significance of language.
  2. This article discusses the origin and migration of Homo sapiens, the first modern humans. It covers their evolution, the development of language, and their migration out of Africa between 70,000 and 100,000 years ago. It also touches upon the environmental impacts of human migration.
  3. Researchers discovered that the brain interprets negated adjectives differently than affirmative ones, exhibiting a mitigating rather than inverting effect. This finding contributes to the understanding of how the brain processes negation and other complex linguistic operations.
  4. भक्ष्
  5. Thus far, Ithaca has discovered that the Athenian Decrees were written around 421 B.C.E. — these are the foundational documents of the world’s first democracy. Past conventional thinking had put their date closer to 446 B.C.E. Even the shift of just 15 years helps scholars re-contextualize these documents — now we know they were written at the same time as Athens prepared to go to war with Sparta, another Ancient Greek state that was governed as a military autocracy.

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